Every time I watch Star Trek and I hear someone yell “Captain on the bridge!” I imagine this really cute scenario where everyone has a competition to see who can say “Captain on the bridge!” first so everyone screams it as soon as they see him so it’s all jumbled and loud and Kirk laughs so hard he has to leave I just think that would be adorable

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Name: Katie
Nickname(s): …..Katie
Birthday: Sept 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: no fucking idea. Bi romantic asexual I guess? But really. No idea.
Height: 160cm
Time Zone: +10 GMT
Current date and time: 30.08.2014 10:43am
Amount of sleep I get on average: 4-6 hours
OTPs: kirk x Spock, river x 11, destiel, stony, stucky, pb x marce , Timkon, Bart x rose
The last thing I Googled: something work related.
First word that comes to mind: Chriscrisis
Last thing I said to a family member: “yes I heard the knocking. No I’m not answering it”
One place that makes me happy: my bed
How many blankets I sleep under: 2
Favorite beverage: Pepsi max (with ouzo)
Last movie I saw at the cinema: GOTG. CHRIS CRISIS
Three things I can’t live without: Four Fs. Family. Friends. Food. Fun.
Something I plan on learning: MY NEW ROLE AT WORK IF SOMEONE WILL TEACH ME
A piece of advice for my followers: Focus on the little victories in life because it’s all massive and overwhelming but finding pleasure in a small thing goes a long way. Eg. You read a good book/fic, you found $2, someone smiled at you in public. Little things.
Song(s) you need to listen to: chronicals of falling in love by bloody beet roots and Greta svabo bech. Actually anything by Greta
My blogs: I along have this one and my Lj BUT YOULL NEVER ORY MY USER NAME FROM ME. 

I tag: ymalcal evilista and curlzabound but only if you want to. No pressure.