A Wincest shipper, a Destiel shipper, and a non-shipper walk into a bar.

They all have a wonderful conversation about the show they all love, Supernatural, despite their differences because they respect one another’s difference in opinions.

And a Sastiel shipper buys them a round of drinks.

The Megstiel shipper buys everyone shots

And then Crowley kisses all of them.





I fear for any Muslim people in Australia right now, the news has been broadcasting details of alleged terrorist plans that have been ‘thwarted by heroic police’.

Apparently the plans were to randomly take a hostage from the streets of Sydney and excecute…

1. I don’t understand why you think its unnecessary to broadcast information relevant to worldwide affairs.
2. We, as Australians, everyone born here, migrated here and everyone who lives here now, have a right to feel SAFE. We should expect the AFP (in which I have 10 family members) to protect us.
We were educated, told information about this planned attack, to prove the sheer scale this attack was based on. We are the lucky country, and the fact that someone was planning on ruining that name for us needed to be public.
I may not have done enough research, I may not have the patience to argue on such a trivial matter on goddamn Tumblr, but my point stands.

We are all Australians. We have a right to live and enjoy our beautiful country safely. We’re a country of multiculturalism, we’re a country of love and respect for the most part. We are the lucky country and I would not have any respect for the government, or police, if they didn’t broadcast this matter.
I understand the discrimination people of Islamic faith may be experiencing, and it was NOT their fault that an extremist falsely gave them a bad name. My heart is with victims and people who’ve suffered due to things like this, but I don’t think we shouldve kept this a secret.

End of.

*pics up dropped mic and brushes of the ignorance off it*

*Clears my throat*

Sweetie. Baby. My love.

You are deliberately missing the point.

I *understand* that you believe we should be made aware of national threats. I do. And I agree with you to an extent. That extent is that individual people are smart and rational. The general masses are not. They are dumb. Panicky. Prone to not researching things (something you’re admitting to) and being extremists in fear. Look up group think and group mentality.

Now. What Hollow was trying to get at, which you’re ignoring is that HOW we were made aware of this treat was wrong. The language and codes words that were used was wrong. The way it was frame was wrong. Because it was basic psychological warfare. It was playing on the stereotype that Islamic people as a whole being bad. Do you know what a schema is? All this is doing is creating a schema for Islamic people that shows them as violent and horrible and they shouldn’t be here. Meaning that people will automatically have that immediate and negative association with the Islamic people.

Now you said that all Australians deserve to live in a safe environment.
And you know what? MY Australia includes the Islamic people. They deserve to feel safe and not be targets by the media.

TL:DR. You’re missing the point by ignoring hollows point about the psychological warfare. Australians deserve to feel safe and that includes Islamic people.


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